Save Oak Hill Tree Tour Data and pictures by Gerry Powell
Download KMZ files

A heritage tree is of diameter 24″ or greater, Ash, Cypress, elm, madrone, maple, oak, pecan or walnut. A protected tree is any tree of diameter 19″ or greater. See Austin Code of Ordinances, subchapter B.

Download KMZ Files

You must have the free Google Earth software installed.
Then load either one or all of three TxDOT design files of the Oak Hill Parkway into Google Earth,
Intersection Improvements/No build
Alternative A
Alternative C
You can load one file or all. If you load all, click on the check mark box to toggle each on or off
With all files loaded, you can toggle one to see the differences between the alternatives.
Then load the file of the trees along Oak Hill Parkway
With the “Trees” folder checked, click on “+” to expand the list and then click on each tree for details and photograph.
Now you can zoom and pan in google earth to see which heritage and protected trees are safe and which are in danger.

GPS positions taken with a Garmin eTrex10 handheld receiver, WAAS corrected and are <3 meters, 95% typical.