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TxDOT has begun construction on their Oak Hill Project at US 290 and State Highway 71; the “Y” in Oak Hill. We need your help to fund our ongoing lawsuits and other expenses. The project is mostly 12 to 17 lanes wide, includes a mile of elevated high speed expressway 35 feet high plus over two miles of depressed main lanes with a volume of excavation the size of the Astrodome, a half mile of channelization to Williamson Creek, and the smothering of the landmark Convict Hill Quarry bluff, the historic source of limestone for the Texas State Capitol construction. A large portion of the project also lies over the Edwards Aquifer and threatens the Barton Springs Complex and the endangered Barton Springs and Austin blind salamanders. As currently proposed, the project will destroy thousands of trees including 192 over 19 inches in diameter. The misnamed Oak Hill Parkway is basically an interstate highway from the 1960s that dissects the very heart of the community and destroys the most important and most visible oaks of Oak Hill.

We the undersigned, call upon the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to revise the current Environmental Impact Statement for US Highway 290 West in Oak Hill to a non-elevated, non-depressed design that preserves the Oak Hill community and history, protects the Edwards Aquifer, the Barton Springs Complex and its endangered species, and preserves the oaks of Oak Hill.

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