Elevated Highways Are A Thing Of The Past

Did you know cities around the world are tearing elevated highways down to revitalize communities? We must deliver new solutions for our traffic problems and learn from past mistakes.

“While the following report is about urban highways, more importantly, it is about cities and people. It is about community vision and the leadership required in the twenty-first century to overcome the demolition, dislocation, and disconnection of neighborhoods caused by freeways in cities.”The Life and Death of Urban Highways (Institute for Transportation & Development Policy and EMBARQ, 2012)

TxDOT’s plan includes more than 2 miles of elevation:


“Long segments of elevated alignments cause greater aesthetic and neighborhood disruption than do at-grade (surface) alignments.”
Indianapolis Northeast Corridor Transportation Study, Marion and Hamilton Counties

Why Are They The Wrong Choice?

Cities Fixing Past Mistakes

elevatedCities around the world are tearing down elevated highways to revitalize areas that were once dominated by the negative effects.

And other cities are considering the benefits of replacing them:

Dallas: http://coalitionforanewdallas.org/how-elevated-highways-have-hurt-the-city-of-dallas/
Sao Paulo: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/americas/sao-paulos-big-worm-an-elevated-highway-must-go-urban-planners-say/2011/10/06/gIQAJWuSjL_story.html
And more: http://usa.streetsblog.org/2014/02/13/tear-down-these-10-freeways-and-then-tear-down-some-more/

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