Did you know TxDOT plans for the “Oak Hill Parkway” is not a parkway, but an elevated toll road that slices through the heart of Oak Hill, wipes out multiple groves of heritage trees, and squeezes Williamson Creek in between elevated roadways for more than a half-mile? Elevated highways are a thing of the past – cities around the United States are tearing them down to revitalize communities – and toll roads will only increase cut-through traffic and force people unable to afford to bypass Oak Hill onto our local roads, while creating more noise for surrounding neighbors. We think Oak Hill deserves better.

We, the undersigned, call upon CTRMA, TxDOT, and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to open the current Environmental Impact Study for US Highway 290 West (The Oak Hill Parkway) to include a non-elevated, non-tolled design that does not sandwich Williamson Creek between roadways and preserves the multiple groves of the iconic heritage oak trees that have been a part of Oak Hill for centuries.

Save Oak Hill

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