Livable Oak Hill A Vision to Reconnect the Oak Hill Community
Renderings by Daniel Alvarado

Save Oak Hill has developed an alternative to TxDOT’s proposal for an elevated, 12-lane highway which would divide Oak Hill for generations. The Livable Oak Hill concept values quality of life, local heritage and the environment over vehicle throughput, without sacrificing regional connectivity. This is achieved through meaningful improvements to local mobility, while laying the groundwork for reestablishing Oak Hill as an accessible community that is attractive to thoughtful development.

Our plan

  • Less expensive and offering quicker construction time
  • Smaller footprint with less concrete and less impervious cover
  • True parkway design with overpasses
  • Supports the Oak Hill Neighborhood Plan for a Transit-Oriented Development “Town Center”
  • Creates an accessible community that is attractive to thoughtful development
  • Preserves Heritage trees and Williamson Creek as important community assets
  • Creates safe mobility options for Oak Hill residents, away from high emission roadways and without dangerous highway crossings
  • Follows Imagine Austin’s “Compact and Connected” vision
  • Integrates with Project Connect’s “Yellow line”

TxDOT’s plan

  • Removes almost 300 trees, many over a hundred years old, and which gave Oak Hill its name
  • Damage Williamson Creek water quality with more erosion and downstream flooding
  • Increase traffic congestion and delay during construction
  • Harm local air quality and increase greenhouse gas emissions
  • Impair access to shopping and neighborhoods
  • Cause noise and visual blight from a mile-long elevated section
  • Decreases property values
  • Excavates 25 feet deep of limestone rock for 2.65 miles – 3/5 the volume of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

TxDOT’s plan sandwiches Williamson Creek between two elevated highways

What can you do?

We need YOUR HELP to tell TxDOT and our elected officials that you support a “Livable Oak Hill.” This concept would improve traffic flows and reduce congestion at the Y while preserving Williamson Creek, heritage trees, and historic resources, and Barton Springs. While we are pleased that tolls have been removed from the project, this completely changes TxDOT’s “Purpose and Need” by not requiring the same number of free lanes as tolls lanes.

1. Email City Council

Tell them you support Save Oak Hill’s “Livable Oak Hill” plan. TxDOT’s plan is too expensive and destructive.

Send an email to Councilmembers

2. Sign the petition

Add your name to the list supporting our “Livable Oak Hill” plan

3. Share this page

4. Attend a public meeting

  • Austin City Council Meeting – January 31st. Vote on Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TxDOT regarding watershed protection. Tell council that to pass a MOU with TxDOT that meets the stricter watershed protection requirements requested by Save Oak Hill and others environmental organizations.